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Got tagged by my bae milkxteeth to do the six selfie thing ((not really sure of how this works they just told me to post selfies from past year hella))

but yes thank for tag.

photos are dated oldest to newest, top to bottom, left to right.


1- Just over a year ago when I had a mohawk. I never look back on it because it makes me wanna have my hair like that again because i was RAD but it is also a terrible idea.

2- Started growing my hair out and thought I was really edgy and shit.

3- Realized I was a girl again.

4- Ryuko hair because I am a TRASH WEEB.

5- Fav selfie from May Expo omg.

6- Me being a girl again when I went out to the cinema with my other bae~~

I tag; custard-bear, maineyxo and zuaizuai thank :>